The Craftory

The Deathtraps of Venture Capitalism

A ground-breaking finance promo

The Craftory needed three pieces of evergreen content to make righteous cause entrepreneurs aware of their services. The films needed to warn entrepreneurs of the deathtraps that surround unscrupulous venture capitalists and the risk of taking money from corporates. The films further advised on the need to find the right skills and the right people and on how The Craftory are trained to overcome all these issues.

J.P.Thurlow Craft Partner Brand, Creative & Storytelling, The Craftory

" have over five thousand views in the first week means it’s already over-performing."

By manipulating stock footage and archive the film was made without losing any of its impact. Although the footage, music and images come from different sources, they have been carefully woven together to develop one harmonious message. Used in a high profile business to business social media campaign on LinkedIn to a small intended audience, the film’s response of take-up has massively exceeded the client’s hopes.

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