BBC Bitesize Drama

GCSE Drama Takes Centre Stage

BBC Bitesize commissioned Hamlett Films to make a new series of eighteen films for their GCSE Drama students. The films are engaging revision tools, made relevant to today’s students to inspire a new generation of theatre makers. 


Vicky Featherstone Artistic Director, The Royal Court Theatre

In the space, between where the actor or actors stand on stage, and where the audience is, there's a gap, and in that gap, magic happens

Audience testing and collaboration with leading educational consultants were key to discover exactly how our students wanted to learn. From there we worked with the Royal Court Theatre, a fantastic institution that centres contemporary writers and issues. Excerpts from truly electrifying plays, workshops and interviews with both leading and up and coming practitioners, including designers, writers, actors and directors, came together to form the series. The full series of films can be found on the BBC Bitesize website. 

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