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Racial Inequalities In Health

Academics examine the uncomfortable structural racism that emerged during COVID

The Covid statistics shone light on some uncomfortable truths about the racial inequalities within health in the UK. Top academic in the area, Jenny Douglas, approached us to make a film for the Open University’s Race and Ethnicity hub.

Jenny Douglas Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion at The Open University

“Hamlett films have skilfully and artistically produced and edited a film which brings together key racial inequalities in health and raises complex issues in an easily accessible format. It has been great working with them and we hope to use the film in our new public health module- Public health: health promotion and health security.”

She needed a company to interview leaders in the field on both sides of the Atlantic and so we included them in the film and, in addition, sourced Professor Sir Michael Marmot who had recently completed the important report on Equity in UK Health for the Secretary of State for Health.

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