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International Adverts

Hamlett Films Turns to Advertising

The marketing department at Edgard & Cooper had a short deadline to prepare and make a number of different length advertising slots which had been pre-purchased. We filled the agency role with our development team and expert writers who loved writing the creative which works across TV transmissions. In addition slots on different social media platforms will keep brand awareness bubbling in the minds of discerning pet owners.

Jess Millner EU Senior Brand Build Manager

“It was a pleasure to work with the team, who were not afraid to join us on the journey in taking calculated creative risks in the name of driving brand awareness for our scaling brand!”

Filming in five languages, studio filming proved a howling success with both human and canine talent giving strong performances throughout a busy filming schedule.


We are delighted that Edgard & Cooper enjoyed an increase in brand awareness in current and new territories from 34% to over 50% amongst target consumers.

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