BBC Bitesize

Working Scientifically

Live action and animated films for KS3 students

BBC Bitesize commissioned us to make 10 fun, interactive films for students and teachers to use as introductions to their KS3 studies. The films needed to provide a thorough understanding of how to work in a scientific environment, think critically, and evaluate evidence. They act as valuable resources for both teachers and students, and cover a skillset required by students as they embark on secondary science.



Sian Hamlett Founder and Managing Director, Hamlett Films

“It was a pleasure to capture school children thinking like real scientists….truly scientifically"

Hamlett Films is a leading provider of educational content both for young and mature students. Experience with teaching through videos made Hamlett Films a reliable choice. Live action is blended with engaging graphics and animated diverse presenters; producing films that are relatable and age appropriate. All 10 films were delivered to positive reviews.


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