Around Wales in 80 Films

Interested in innovative ways of teaching and cutting-edge ideas about learning?

Then don’t miss top pioneers of the new Welsh curriculum telling their important stories over the next 3 months.

Elin Moe, the award winning Hamlett Films director, kicks off her journey across Wales. Insights and expertise from top industry professionals set the Hamlett Films team on course for making 80 innovative films for the radical new Welsh curriculum and the all new PGCE Course.


A job commissioned by The Open University for Welsh Government to make over eighty films teaching the new Welsh PGCE course – a truly exciting challenge. As the train pulled into Cardiff, I wondered what I would find.

The next morning’s kick-off meeting at the Open University’s offices blended an impressive group – head teachers from schools from every corner of Wales and members from all regional consortia plus Dr. Clare Lee from The Open University and a full complement from Hamlett Films. It was a lively, long and productive meeting in which we brainstormed ideas for all of the eighty films. Set in different locations across Wales in both The Open University Partner Schools, as well as pioneer schools, the films will feature unique interviews, innovative classroom practice caught on multi-camera to provide an exceptional learning tool.

This new curriculum – previously updated thirty years ago – has an exciting and diverse Wales at its heart. Over the next three months I am going to be sharing interviews with some of the truly exceptional people I encountered who will be sharing their insights and expertise. In two weeks’ time I’ll be interviewing the inspiring and straight talking head teacher of Maesteg School in Bridgend, Helen Jones:

“We have become a GCSE … factory, just churning out students. As long as everyone gets through that’s fine. That’s mediocre and that’s sad. We have lost our way in teaching and education generally… “

The change the new curriculum brings terrifies people…but I’m passionate about it.”

Join me on this page in two weeks’ time to find out why Helen is passionate about the all new Welsh curriculum.