18 New Films Go Live for BBC Bitesize Drama GCSE

Hamlet Films has taken their cue from the BBC and torn up the rule book. Gone are the days of colour coded revision cards and disorganised lever arch files. In the 21st century, today’s student has access to the BBC’s Bitesize. Hamlett Films has beautifully crafted a series of Bitesize GCSE Drama films to enthuse and inspire the budding thespians of tomorrow. 

The BBC needed to bring their films up to date with a focus on contemporary issues. Audience testing was instrumental in finding out exactly the type of plays, issues, presenters and tone with which to enthuse today’s students. Both the educational consultant we sourced and the BBC were able to be guided by the students’ desire to study young, contemporary writers and issues. As a result of this, we collaborated with The Royal Court Theatre, a fantastic institution that centres new writing.

Now, more than ever, students rely on online resources for their learning. We are proud to be a part of the BBC’s fantastic remote learning platform. A huge thank you to The Royal Court Theatre whose myriad of professionals generously gave their time, their knowledge and their expertise.

To see the films click here