The 150 Million Pound Story

The Local Trust is a truly inspirational charity doing things a little differently. £1m of Lottery Funding was given to 150 underfunded communities across England to spend however they like to meet their needs.

Hamlett Films partnered with the Local Trust to help residents tell important stories about their community. Following a really successful pilot, the Local Trust has now launched the exciting Voices of Big Local. This two year scheme will allow many more participants the same exciting opportunity over the next two years, involving podcasts, videos, photography, design and more.

The programme is facilitated by our garnered filmmaker, Julia Lima, who has an extraordinary ability to understand sensitive topics and impart complex information. And with that over to Julia:

‘What I try to give the mentees is an understanding of what makes a story interesting, which has a lot to do with the way we tell something rather than the subject itself. My aim is to enable the mentee to communicate their individual and often touching stories to share with their own community’. 

Hamlett Films is honoured to facilitate this process to enable this community storytelling to happen. We can’t wait to see what the Local Trust’s participants produce over the coming months.