Hamlett Films launches brand new website

Managing Director, Sian Hamlett, answers questions around her decision to launch the new Hamlett Films website.

What made you decide to launch a new website?

“To showcase great, new client work. There is such a wide variety of areas coming through. We specialise in films for education. Within that, we work across business, health and social care, criminology and finance, to mention a few of the subjects. The Poetry Society is also a new client on board, as is The Open University’s PGCE course for the Welsh Government and also the BBC.

We are not only making films for use on academic module courses, but we have also been making promo films. In addition, our clients’ films have attracted attention on the film festival circuit and across leading educational and industry awards.”

Why right now?

“We have had a busy time pitching and presenting. We are thrilled to have won a number of new commissions. It’s the beginning of a really exciting phase.

Amongst the new projects is the Welsh PGCE, which is a real thrill for me personally, being Cardiff born and bred. It involves 73 films on the brand new Welsh PGCE curriculum. The PGCE in Wales is designed to offer high quality education for teachers who will teach in Wales at both secondary and primary level but, need to study at a distance. It’s about recruiting a wider spectrum of teachers who fully represent the diversity of Wales. It’s a real responsibility. We’re going to be in all different types of rural, urban, Welsh speaking, English speaking and bi-lingual schools.

So, to mark the beginning of this new phase we felt the time was right to completely update the website.”

Has there been a change in the type of work that Hamlett Films takes on?

We have new clients, bigger commissions. We’re working not just with educators, but with corporate clients who are keen on working to educate a specific audience. And this is what we excel at.

We’re building our client base, extending our range, working increasingly on drama-based pieces and continuing the company’s growth. We have a brilliant team and a great new range of clients, so we’re really looking forward to producing all the new work.”