The World of the Primary School

The film serves as an introduction to a degree module, as well as externally facing promotion to attract students to the course.

The Brief:

To introduce the module, and to provide a taster for what students will be learning. Also, to introduce the school where many of the other films in the course are set. Finally, to create an exciting, contemporary promotional video that communicates the unique, magical world of the primary school.

The Challenges:

Limited budget, but extremely ambitious concept. Filming in one day, and within the limits of a primary school, without disrupting its schedule and lessons.

Our Response:

We used innovative filming and editing techniques to capture the magical visual element of the school’s unusual and colourful corridors. We planned carefully with the school to operate within the school’s timetable. Two camera units ensured enough footage was captured in a tight timeframe, bringing the film in on budget and with beautiful images.