A Visit to a Family Home

Engaging drama for The Open University's Social Work Degree.

The Brief:

Create material for a social work degree module showing social work best practice in action. The film needed to feature a first home visit by a social worker to a family where an initial assessment is to be made.

The Challenges:

Needing to mix actors with a real life social worker and having to ensure a believable family. This required sourcing actors skilled in improvisation.

Our Response:

To keep it real, the film was shot in one take using multi-camera. Actors and social workers did not meet before – the social worker read a fictitious case and the actors responded to the scenario given in rehearsals.

This year the film received the Educational Film Award from the British University Film & Video Council.

The Client Says:

“The family film is excellent – very engaging, powerful and really well edited. Thank you all so much. The actors are great – including the body language and meaningful looks exchanged between them.

I really like the way you can see the parents’ emotions as well as the girl’s – all of this is very difficult for a new social worker to contain, and Victoria (our real life social worker in the film has done a great job.”

Dr Fran Wiles, Senior Lecturer, School of Health, Wellbeing & Social Care, Social Work.