Motivation through Adversity, The Fabrice Muamba Story

Documentary for The Open University’s undergraduate module on Sports and Fitness.

The Brief:

A documentary exploring how the premier league football player overcame a cardiac arrest that nearly killed him. To include his motivation to get better, find a new career and move on from it.

The Challenges:

Access to the subject was very limited.

Our Response:

We were invited into his home and conducted interviews with both Fabrice and his wife to gain an insight into how the whole family overcame his illness. Expensive Premier League archive footage inspired us to be extra creative in finding visual alternatives to bring the film alive.

The Client Says:

“Working with Sian and Hamlett Films has been a very fruitful and enjoyable experience. She has produced a product that has exceeded our expectations. Sian helped me to develop and expand the idea of the film from its original idea up to the point where we were ready to film. She gave me freedom to express my own ideas and thoughts and then developed them in a way that they could be transferred on to a film. Hamlett Films fully involved me in the filming and editing process to produce a final version that I was happy with.

Simon Rea, Lecturer, Sports & Fitness