The Human Capital Model

Animation to explore the Human Capital Model of education commissioned by The Open University.

The Brief:

To create three animations explaining three key educational concepts. The films needed to explain these concepts to first year degree students, as well as being used to advertise the course on Open Learn.

The Challenges:

To take complex academic concepts and visually and aurally communicate them to a learner. To ensure the images compliment the voiceover and help the viewer to understand. To explain complex models by bringing them alive and keeping them light.

Our Response:

We worked with an animator and had the academic for the course voice the animation herself. We perfectly married the narration and the visuals and made a film that was engaging, informative and visually exciting.

The Client says:

“Working with Hamlett films on the animations was a wonderful experience, the animator and producer listened carefully to make sure they fully understood the concepts in the films and then translated the ideas into visual images that said so much more than words.

Clare Lee, Course Chair, School of Education