Grenfell Tower and Social Murder

One of a series of four documentaries to include in The Open University’s module on Criminology.

The Brief:

To make a film that would stimulate students new to the subject to encourage them to think about what constitutes a crime, what amounts to harm, and who can be a criminal. This film looks at crimes committed by the state, focusing on the Grenfell Tower fire and questions issues of social harm and state responsibility.

The Challenges:

The subject matter was highly emotive, given the tragedy had only taken place six months previously. People were not keen to talk about their experiences. Finding relevant archive proved a challenge and then deciding what footage could and should be shown.

Our Response:

Perseverance and sensitivity made sure that our client obtained a film handling an extremely uncomfortable and raw subject matter. With thorough research we made sure that suitable contributors were found who were at a point where they were ready to tell their stories. Sensitive use of footage ensured a level tone of discussion around highly emotive issues.

The final film was nominated for a prestigious “Learning on Screen” award and included in St Albans Films Festival’s official selection for short documentary.