Baking it Better

Can baking help to tackle anxiety? We find out in this documentary for The Open University's undergraduate module 'Reflecting on Mental Health'.

The Brief:

The OU required films, as part of a series of eight videos and ten audios, for a course on mental health. The films needed to investigate the issue from a variety of perspectives such as practitioner, patient, rehabilitative via community based activities and multi-agency health support teams. They also had to show the therapeutic benefits of physical and/or every day creative activities on individuals’ mental health.

The Challenges:

To find subjects willing to admit to having depression or other mental illnesses and speak to us candidly on camera. In addition we wanted to make something upbeat, and inspiring.

Our Response:

Baking it Better explored mental health from a patient’s perspective, looking at how simple, focused activities can help people suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. We found someone willing to go on camera and let us into their home. We made a quirky, uplifting film about activities that can alleviate depression.

The Client Says:

“This clip encapsulated exactly what we wanted to cover for our new mental health module. It was also beautifully created, with flair and attention to detail.”

Mathijs Lucassen,  Lecturer Mental Health, Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies